Project Summer Body: Week Ten

Although this is the last week of Project Summer Body, I’m so glad to have taken on this series to build up habits that will carry me through the rest of the Summer. As the weather’s warmed up and shorter hemlines come out to play, I’ve been more and more motivated to workout as much as possible and eat mindfully.

After moving to LA, I signed up for Pop Physique, which is a super popular barre class. This workout video demonstrates some of the institute’s core moves. Whether you give The Bar Method, Pure Barre, or Cardio Barre a try, I highly recommend trying a barre class!

After work and getting back from my barre class, the last thing I want is to cook. Smoothies with tons of ingredients have been my go-to dinners lately. This one is a perfect base recipe to work with. I personally add greek yogurt for protein and chia, hemp and flax seeds for essential nutrients.

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I notice that I gain/lose weight in my face the most prominently. I love the round-lens sunglasses trend, but find it looks best on angular, narrow faces. Since starting Project Summer Body, I’ve already noticed my face slim down a little (hello cheekbones!), so I can’t wait to pick up a cute pair of round sunnies.

What kind of progress or habits have you picked up from Project Summer Body?

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