Finding ways to make time for myself

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I’m either busy doing mommy/wife things and the other time is
dedicated to running my business.  My husband knows this and so each
week he makes sure that I get some time just to do something for
myself.  To make it easier on him, I’ll leave just as the baby goes down
for her nap and I can jet off to do whatever I would like.  I either do something like get my nails done, do a Target run or most of the time, I go shopping!  I love shopping by myself.  As much I
love shopping with friends or with my husband.  When I’m by myself I
never feel rushed and spend all the time I want looking at whatever I
want!  I find it so relaxing!

Enjoying my Skinny Cow Creamy Cappuccino Creamy Iced Coffee with my new shoes!

I’m also lucky that my parents live nearby and my in laws live close enough that they drive over at least once a month.  It’s definitely a win-win for everyone as my daughter gets grandma/grandpa time and I get a full day just for me! Don’t get me wrong, I work more than anyone I know and I usually don’t take a day off in the middle of the week just to go shopping.  Most of the time when they are in town, I go to the office and just end up working all day.  I’ve finally come to a point where I have realized that taking time for myself to not work, not be stressed, just to enjoy time by myself is something that is needed.  The last time they came up, I scheduled a much-needed haircut and then did a bit of shopping!

I’m such a mom these days I always keep snack in my purse even for myself!  Got to indulge in a bit of yummy Caramel Divine Filled Chocolates before I headed home.
I admit, it took me awhile to get to the point where I could feel like I could leave my daughter and not feel guilty.  Especially to do something for myself, I just felt terrible for leaving her.  I now realize how important it is to give her time with other people and to give me time just by myself.  I don’t like paying for childcare just to do something for myself which is why I try to take advantage of any grandparent time (thankfully my parents are nearby and always willing to take care of their grandbaby) or just to work out a schedule with my husband so that each of us gets to do something that we enjoy on our own time.

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