Getting that Sugar Fix in Los Angeles

Anyone who eats dinner with me knows that the meal’s not over until we’ve satisfied my sweet tooth. Take a look at my favorite places around Los Angeles to get a high-quality sugar high and let me know where your favorite spots around town are in the comments.

Yes, Alfred’s is a coffee shop (and a chic one at that), but honestly I go there for these ridiculously hedonistic strawberry croissants. I’m not usually a pastry person, but I can never stop myself from getting one of these flavorful and bright treats.

Not the prettiest dessert, but Taiwanese-style shaved ice from Blockheads Shavery is the best kind of shaved ice. Imagine flaky ribbons of flavored milk-ice topped with anything and everything from mochi-like rice balls to crushed oreos. It’s basically mandatory that you top it off with condensed milk.

You’ve probably seen photos of Milk’s macaron ice cream sandwiches and blue velvet cake on Instagram. They look and taste gorgeous and are always worth the line.

I crave fonuts more than actual donuts. Healthier versions of Homer Simpson’s favorite treat, many of their flavors are vegan and/or gluten-free and all of them are steamed or baked, never fried. I’m in love with fonuts for the unique flavors like Blueberry Earl Grey, Strawberry Buttermilk, and Coconut Passionfruit.

Salt & Straw is my favorite ice cream place in LA. The texture of the ice cream is perfect for me, slightly hard and not too melty. They churn out some of the most innovative flavors, using ingredients like marshmallow fluff and corn. Always sample their seasonal specials!

For a splurge, hit up Sugarfina in Beverly Hills. It’s the kind of store you pop into because the inside looks so beautiful, but you end up walking out with interesting candies like matcha caramels to impress your foodie friends.

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  • KaylaMarieEnglish
    July 28, 2015 at 6:43 pm

    I don't have any cute sweet stores near me like these. The food looks almost too cute and pretty to eat! One day when I can afford to travel I'm making it a priority to satisfy my sweet tooth at all of these places!(: