My new laptop: HP at HSN

This post is sponsored by HP at HSN

I’m on the go a lot.  I work at my home office a couple of days a week, the rest of the week I’m out at our office/warehouse, working in a coffee shop or taking photos and working where ever we happen to be taking photos.  Having a laptop is essential to my work life and do not know what I’d do without one!  I recently got the HP Pavillion 17″ notebook and it’s totally changed the way I work!  For starters, the size.  I’ve never had a laptop this big before and did not realize how nice it was to have such a large screen to work with!  I edit a ton of photos for our site and blog.  When I’m at my desk I usually use a monitor but with this laptop, I don’t need it!  I can see all the details in the photos and editing is super clear and easy.  I also love the upgrade to the Windows 10 operating system.  It makes the computer super fast and responsive which is so essential for me.  I am always doing so many things at once and I’m not constantly on the computer so it bothers me to no end when I have to wait for my computer to boot back up after it’s been asleep for awhile.  Windows 10 was also designed to conserve battery life which is so awesome!  I hate having to search for an outlet or knowing I only have X amount of time to work on something before my battery dies.  The battery on this lasts all day for me!  I also love that you can instantly snap between apps to show two things on screen at once and toggle between them.  I am always working on two or three things at once and it’s so nice to be able to switch to all the different screens easily.  Windows 10 makes it so easy to do that and I work so much more efficiently!

The fashionista part of me also loves that it comes in all these gorgeous colors.  This blue is such a pretty vibrant color and let’s be honest here – I love a good photo prop and this is the perfect color for an instagram pic!  I find myself carrying bags that match the laptop so that everything coordinates.

This model is exclusive to HSN and will be available July 18th.  It comes in 5 gorgeous colors and with the Windows 10 operating system installed.  Pricing – it’s $699.95 with free shipping and handling and buying it on HSN is great because you can use their FlexPay which means you can break the laptop price into several payments.  You don’t need even need their credit card for it, you can charge it to your card and pay 6 small payments instead of the whole thing at once!  HSN also provides lifetime tech support which we all know is so important when something goes wrong with our computers, that we can get help to figure out what went wrong.  Make sure to tune in to HSN on July 18th so you can snag one for yourself!

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