Shopping with me: Nordstrom Sale!

Nordstrom was having a sale last week so I popped in and found lots of cute stuff!  Just wanted to share what I tried on and what I brought home!  Everything I tried on here is on sale except for the jeans.

This little eyelet top and  pink skirt was such a cute little outfit I had to bring it home!  I know that both pieces are really summery so that’s probably why they were on sale but I know they are pieces that I will get many wears out of!

Here’s all the items I reviewed… click through to see more

I love comfy tees with a twist.  I LOVED these two.  The black one has a zipper detail on the side and the purple one is a high low style so you can go for the tucked in look but keep the back long.

 BLACK TEE RIGHT TEE (only $9.90!)

This coral top is seriously my new fave.  I wore it out the day after I bought it! (Lookbook coming soon).  The back is sort of pleated – you have to look at the back view, it’s cute! The sleeveless blouse on the right is the perfect top for a casual day but can be so easily dressed up for the office too!

 I have been seeing off the shoulder tops everywhere but haven’t tried one on.  I loved the print on this so had to try it out and I loved the look!  I will be adding more off the shoulder tops – I saw this one online after I got home and ordered it!  Love a casual blouse like the one on the right, I feel like when I’m lazy and heading out somewhere I always reach for a blouse like that to feel like I actually made an effort to getting dressed 🙂 

The jeans I was wearing throughout are these ones.  Note that they are “crop” skinny jeans but on me they are just normal length.  Gotta love being a shorty! 🙂  I love them! I tried on a different pair (seen on the right with the purple blouse) – these high waisted jeans are super cute but I didn’t like the lighter color as much so I got the ones on the left.
And just a quick snap of what I wore shopping!  I mentioned this on instagram but I sprained my ankle a few weeks ago.  It was so bad that I was in a walking boot and I could not go to my planned trip to China with my sister.  🙁 sad times.  It’s on the mend now but still not great and I still have to wrap it but at least I don’t have to wear the walking boot anymore.  Anyway, this is my long story to tell you why I’ve been wearing flats so much!  I’m trying to rest my ankle as much as I can so no heels for now.  And if you are wondering, I was totally wearing flats when I sprained my ankle!  I was taking out the trash and missed a step and just twisted my ankle and fell.  Fun times. LOL!  I laugh about it now but it was not funny when I was there crying about my ankle!  Anyway – this dress is an old buy from Forever 21 (I know I’m even surprised at how long I’ve kept a Forever 21 piece!) but I love fit and flare dresses.  I’ve linked to a few below that I love and all are under $20!

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  • Sheila
    July 1, 2015 at 4:39 pm

    Love the dress!! Can't believe tees for under $10!!

    xo – Sheila

  • Gigi jay
    July 2, 2015 at 7:55 am

    Gorgeous ! a simple combination that results very well !

  • Danielle
    July 2, 2015 at 12:19 pm

    The pink skirt is very flattering and looks perfect on you!