The Art of Ring Stacking

Stacking rings is more than just a haphazard happy accident. Pick your poison but, you’ll either want to go the sensible, subtle route or the loud and proud statement look.

The key is to think about your hand and finger size as well as what other accessories (or not) you’ll be wearing on your wrists. Always keep an eye out for well-fitting midi-rings to stock up for a balanced stack. They should feel tight on the finger, so they don’t slip off.

Another fun way to stack rings is to look for coordinating sets that run across multiple fingers (like the lo-ve ring above). If you want a busy statement look, keep the look cohesive with one metallic tone.

Personally, I like to add a chunky menswear style watch like this one from Arvo and balance that with fun nail art and delicate bands. I have small hands and fingers, so I tend to gravitate towards tiny pieces.

Check out some totally stackable ring options below, including the ones pictured in the first image of this post.

What is your go-to stacked ring look?

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