Things instagram made me buy

I spend a lot of time on social media.  With my business, a big part of our growth has been social media and so I’m constantly on there looking for new things, design inspiration, bloggers to work with etc… With this I am always constantly shopping too!  LOL  Every time I go through someone’s instagram feed I’m always like “oooh I want that” So here are the things I recently bought because of social media.

These shoes!  Gah! It was love at first sight.  They come in red and nude too but I went with black as I know I will be wearing them a lot this fall.  I adore them and I can’t wait for them to be delivered.


Pineapples are having it’s moment!  We even designed a gold glitter pineapple tee that is already selling out so fast.  It’s a favorite of mine but I love this dressed up version too.  I will be pairing it with a cardigan and skinny jeans when it gets a bit cooler.

I love following Jillian Harris!  I’m not a Bachelor fan (Side note: I’ve never watched an episode of the bachelor/bachelorette before) but I’ve seen her Love it and List it show and I adore her.  She just seems so sweet and I love that she’s petite as well.  This dress is just the cutest isn’t it?!  I love the pattern mixing and that it looks like two pieces.  I had to get it.

I  am late on this trend but loving off the shoulder tops and just couldn’t resist this little eyelet top!

I’ve seen these wedges on a couple of bloggers and I couldn’t help but join the bandwagon, they look so cute on!  With my sprained ankle still healing, I’m still not super stable on heels so hoping wedges will be a bit better.


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  • Andi of My Beautiful Adventures
    July 6, 2015 at 4:31 pm

    Love all your purchases!

  • Alia Malik
    July 8, 2015 at 10:40 am

    Author such a nice post, I like these Photos thanks for share.