Chanel Mini Flap Bag Review

I’ve had my Chanel mini flap for a little bit now and I have had a few readers ask me about the bag so I put together a video on what I liked about
it, what I carry in it and what it looks like on me.

If you are thinking
about getting it or just want to know more about it, I hope this video
is helpful!

Here’s a few mini Chanel bags that I found around the internet. All of them are from reliable places to buy vintage or previously owned bags. I mentioned in my video about the mini that’s the more square size.  I think because that style came out first it’s easier to find vintage/previously owned styles of.

Just a few more fun photos of the bag!  Hope you guys enjoy the video.  Would love if you subscribed to my channel! I will be making more videos and if you subscribe you’ll be the first to see them!  And also follow me on instagram, I post way more photos on there than I do on the blog!

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