Minimalism and Minimalistic Accessories

Some of my favorite feeds on Instagram to follow these days are ones that project the always-chic and sophisticated minimalism aesthetic. Think shots of beautifully lit coffee shops, food shots over marble table tops and high-contrast black and white #ootds.

It’s no surprise then that, in an example of life imitating art, I’ve been transferring that super photogenic aesthetic into my own everyday style.

The unexpected lavender interior of this black crossbody is just such a well-thought touch. The three separated pouches means serious storage space.

My most-worn sunglasses at the moment have a trendy shape and classic color. Rent them for a month free with code IAMSTYLEISH.

Because phone cases are accessories too, and because I’m actually a cat-lady on the inside.

This perfume is what I imagine a slightly older version of me to wear. It’s fun to wear perfume that doesn’t quite suit you, so that you have to match its persona.

I like the twisted brush on this mascara as much as the cool packaging.

My new favorite shoes are unstoppably edgy and cool. I style outfits around them instead of the other way around.

What are some of your favorite minimalistic feeds on Instagram?

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