Summer to Fall: Shopping Haul (Video) Nordstrom, Forever 21, t+j Designs

I’m so excited the weather is cooling down a bit!  I went shopping and got some great stuff that I will be wearing from the summer to fall transition so wanted to share!  I actually filmed a new video for my youtube channel so you can watch it here but I will go through everything I bought below as well.  I did some shopping at Nordstrom, Forever 21 and also wanted to show you some of my favorite fall pieces from my line, t+j Designs.

Please watch the video for a more in depth review but here is everything that I got!

The favorite out of the Forever 21 haul!  Such a great quality top and so cute for day to night. 

Obsessed with off the shoulder tops and this is the perfect basic at a really good price. 

This clutch looks as good in person as it does in photos!  Love it, I want to buy the other colors. 


I usually stay away from long lengths for fear of making me look shorter but I’m loving the kimono cardigan look and think it works great long!

I love love these cute pumps!  I need them in the red and nude too.

I ended up having to exchange this dress because one of the sleeves had a button missing but I still love it!  They didn’t have my size in store so it’s in the mail on it’s way to me.  That’s why I don’t have a photo of it on. 

I just got back from our first large wholesale tradeshow in Las Vegas (MAGIC if you happen to know tradeshows).  And we showed our fall collection which included this super cute and flattering set.  Honestly, everyone that I’ve seen wearing this set looks fantastic. 
Yes, I know a bit more of a summery top but it’s great for the transition to fall when it’s still warm during the day and you can wear it with shorts or a skirt and then just pair it with jeans when it cools down at night.  I just love the pom pom detail! 

I love our graphic tees but our newest ones are too darling I can’t handle it.  The pink glitter of the rose all day and everyone has been loving our “you had me at merlot” tee! 

There were a few more things that I mentioned in the video but I don’t have a photo of.  Let me know if you have any suggestions/requests of any other videos you’d like me to make!

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