What’s In My Bag (Besides my Phone and Wallet)

I’m someone who much prefers a small crossbody to lugging around a huge tote. So when I took everything out of my purse, I was surprised to see how much stuff I carry around on a daily basis. My handbag was more like Mary Poppin’s bag than I thought.

Drinking enough water is a healthy habit I’ve acquired by using cute and functional water bottles like this bkr. 

Never go anywhere in LA without sunglasses. This chic pair has a trendy decades-inspired silhouette. Borrow them (and hundreds of other cute styles) for a month free with Ditto’s Endless program by using code IAMSTYLEISH.

A notebook and pens are a must for emergency entertainment (doodles and scribbled notes).

This vintage-looking, menswear-style watch has been on my wrist nonstop. The leather band is super comfortable, which is a must, and the oversized face isn’t comical on my rather tiny wrists.

Good headphones are there for listening to music and when you don’t want anyone to bother you.

A million rings and a cute dish (which is on my desk, not in my bag), because stacking rings is something that makes me happy to look down at my hands currently.

How many things do you think you carry around in your purse day-to-day?

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