How to Organize and Display your Jewelry

Since my sister and I started t+j Designs 4 years ago, my jewelry collection has grown to a ridiculous amount.  I don’t keep all the jewelry from each collection that we do but I do keep a lot in my home office. I have to keep it organized somehow so that when I need to find a specific piece, it’s easy for me to find.  I don’t like putting things in jewelry boxes because I find that things get lost or forgotten.  I keep all of our current collection out in my office so I can see it and remember it and really when it comes to getting dressed and adding accessories, it’s a really great set up for me to be able to mix and match and grab whatever I need to match my outfit.

My latest video shows you a glimpse of my jewelry collection, a glimpse into my home office and I share how I organize and display my jewelry so that things are easily found and organized.

Where to buy the displays I use:

I actually love being organized, I even have a pinterest board full of organization inspiration!  If I had more time, I would organize everything in my house.  My husband and I are actually in the midst of reorganizing our pantry and trying to decide on new shelving.  I’ll be so excited once I have an organized pantry!

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  • prudence yeo
    September 24, 2015 at 1:06 pm

    Love the way you organised your jewelry so that everything can be seen at once! Thanks for sharing!