Scoping Out “Girlfriend Jeans”

Have you come across the label “girlfriend jeans” at your favorite denim retailer yet? It’s actually a smart marketing ploy, since “girlfriend jeans” sound a lot more appealing to buy than “mom jeans,” which is essentially what they are.

Either way, I’ve been loving the retro flashbacks shining in the fashion spotlight, and this trend is no exception. While this isn’t the most flattering look necessarily, it’s definitely a comfortable one, so it’s a fashion risk I’m willing to take.
The vintage shape is mainly due to the high-waist (cue mom jeans label). The loose leg isn’t as baggy as a boyfriend jean. Think of it as a skinny jean that’s a few sizes too big but tapers at the ankle so you can roll it up for the perfect level of casual-cool.
Take a look at these shoppable girlfriend/mom jeans and let me know which pair is your favorite in the comments!

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  • Shadowy Lady
    September 22, 2015 at 1:39 pm

    I've seen the girlfriend jeans all over the place too. But for me, girlfriend jeans kinda like boyfriend jeans, aren't the best cut for my body. I'm a tall hourglass and look best in boot cut and flare styles. So those are the styles I buy despite the trends 🙂

    I think this style will best suite someone with more of a boy shape than me…