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DIY Minnie Mouse Costume

4:00 AM

This post is sponsored by Savers/Value Village

I was big on Halloween as a kid and teenager; I LOVED picking out my costume and trick-or-treating. And even through college and my early 20s, my girlfriends and I loved dressing up as some kind of theme, my favorite being Harajuku girls. We went all out with our outfits, hair, and makeup—it was epic. But this was before Gwen Stefani's Harajuku girls, so we got a lot of confused looks. LOL! We didn't care, though; we thought we looked awesome. In the past few years, Halloween has been less about costumes and more about passing out candy to the neighborhood kids. But this year, my daughter is old enough to be excited to dress up for Halloween and I'm so loving that! OK, she doesn't quite understand Halloween just yet, but dressing up as her favorite characters is still very exciting for her.

I wanted to dress up with her and, since Minnie Mouse is her favorite character in the world, I had to dress up as Minnie. My first (and only) stop was Value Village! I went there almost every year in college to get my costume, so I knew I could find something there. I walked in and was almost blown away by how many costume ideas and choices they had! I had no idea! I loved that they had a Halloween section set up and it was so easy to browse.

Although they did have lots of fun pre-made costumes, I wanted the costume to be a little bit more me, so I kept looking until I came across this red tutu. I knew it was the perfect thing for my costume, so I grabbed it. Then I wandered over to the accessories section and came across Minnie ears, and I had the makings of a cute Minnie Mouse!

I stopped by the crafts store to pick up some felt to make polka dots on my tutu and got to work! And, seriously, this is the easiest DIY ever. Let's be real: I don't have time for extensive DIYs, so this took me all of 10 minutes to do.

I used a mug as a stencil, and then just cut out all the circles, used tacky glue, and stuck them on the skirt.

I added the Minnie ears, a black top, tights, and, of course, my yellow pumps to become Minnie Mouse!

I had fun creating my costume and loved that I could just mix what I had in my closet with the few key pieces I got at Value Village. Definitely check out the Value Village near you for a fab Halloween selection!

Get in the spirit of the season by entering the annual Value Village Halloween Costume Contest! One lucky winner will win a grand prize pack valued at $1,000 and runners-up will have the opportunity to win tons of other spooky prizes! To enter, submit a photo of you, your child or your pet in a unique Halloween costume through Instagram or Twitter using the hashtag #ThriftOrTreatContest, or via the website at ValueVillage.com. Entries accepted Oct. 1 through Nov. 3, 2015. Winners will be chosen by a panel of judges based on costume appearance, styling, uniqueness and creativity. See website for prizes, rules and regulations.

Savers/Value Village is the ultimate Halloween destination for creating unique, fun, fashionable or frightening costumes for the whole family and for every budget.


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  1. This is so fun! I something kind of similar I could use to dress up as her for Halloween so I might take your cue!

  2. Great post! I love reading your blog;) Anyway, I was wondering if I could have your permission to use a photo from this post in one of my own posts! I just LOVE the pictures in this post! I always link photos that are not mine back to their original source.



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