Fall’s Trendiest Hair Colors

Girls seem to see hair two ways: it’s a fun variable to play around with OR it’s strictly something not to mess around with. Admittedly, maintenance does not come cheap, but when you’re really looking for a new look, nothing does it quite like a new hair color.

Some of the most fun ones around this season really embrace the idea of light and working with your hair’s natural texture.

Opal hair is very customizable to your current hair color and the direction you want to take it. You can go darker (think mother of pearl) or very luminescent and light (pearls). It usually incorporates pastel tones and requires a bleached base.

Oil slick hair is what opal can be on dark hair without bleaching your entire head. It’s inspired by the mingling of oil in water, which creates those shiny iridescent spots. This can be customized too. Go heavier on the green or purple etc., for example.

Purple grey is much more mainstream now but definitely a difficult color to maintain. You can go more grey (less maintenance) or more purple (every 3 weeks upkeep) for a style that looks good as it fades. You can also ombre this style.

And finally, Chrissy Teigen’s gorgeous locks are the absolute epitome of tortoise-shell hair color. It’s a very nuanced, complex color that you’ll want to take to an experienced balayage colorist.

Which of these hair color trends speaks most to you? Would you ever try pastel-toned hair?

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