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What to wear with Lace Up Pumps

5:00 AM

As mentioned before, I LOVE the lace up pump trend and have added a few pairs to my wardrobe.  I think they look great with everything but here are a few ways that I love to wear them with.

Lace up pumps with distressed jeans:

Always a fan of the distressed jean but I think they look so chic with the lace up shoe.  Go with a crop so that you can wrap the laces up as close to the end of your jeans as possible or a pair that can roll up and you can adjust your length that way.  I have these (#1 below) in black {see them on me here} and I LOVE them.  The red and the nude are currently on sale!  I'm loving the blue pair (#3) as well that I think wold look so cute with a dress.  It comes in a ton of colors, I'm contemplating the blue or the black leather.

 Jeans: ONE \\ TWO \\ THREE \\ FOUR
Shoes: ONE \\ TWO \\ THREE \\ FOUR

Lace up pumps with leggings:

I love leggings during the fall and winter.  Paired with an oversized sweater or a tee and long cardigan, it's just such an easy to wear outfit.  I think the lace up pumps will really step it up though and make it a bit more glam.  The studded pair (#3) are INSANE but they are expensive so keeping an eye out for a sale or at least a discount code!  And I'm slightly obsessed with the leggings with mesh panels (#2).  I need them!  I just bought a pair of leather pants that I can't get enough of but this faux leather pair (#3) look so good and are $23!

Leggings: ONE \\ TWO \\ THREE \\ FOUR
Shoes: ONE \\ TWO \\ THREE \\ FOUR

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  1. great tips, thanks! love lace up shoes! xoxoo

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