How to Style Enamel Pins

It’s a new dynamic now to see how certain trends really have their roots in Instagram and take off on that platform. Take #throwbackthursday – ready enamel pins. Although they are photogenic on their owns, styling them is a little bit of a trickier situation to navigate.

I think that the easiest way to show off a variety of your cutest enamel pins is to work them onto a denim jacket, which is also made of a more durable fabric. Keep in mind that the pins do leave rather large piercings in the fabric; they’re not needle-sized!

For a diverse representation, think about layering the surfaces that the pins lie on by placing some on the collar and others on the pocket, not just the body of the fabric. 
Check out some of these budget friendly denim jackets below that are begging to be pinned.

How do you arrange your favorite pins to wear them together?

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