New Year’s Style Inspiration

The holiday season always seems to go by in a blur, so that it feels like there’s hardly any time to recuperate from Christmas day feasting before slipping into a photo-ready New Year’s Eve dress.

Hopefully you got to spend some quality time with friends and family last weekend and get New Year’s off from work. Below, some inspiration to celebrate NYE and the closing of 2015.

Regardless of if you’re wearing a sparkly sequin number or something a little more blue velvet, have fun with sparkly nails and strobing makeup. Contour, contour and contour some more! It was probably the biggest trend of 2015 for makeup and you know there’ll be tons of photo ops wherever you end up this evening.

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Accent your smile and eyes with statement earrings that’ll shine in photos and don’t forget the falsies! This pair has glitter at the corners for an extra pop. Fun bags and shoes that you might not normally wear are acceptable and encouraged on NYE, so pull out the glittery slippers and clutches.
What plans do you have for NYE?

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