November Beauty Faves: Products for the busy mom and career woman

It has been a crazy month over here.  November always is for me being that the holiday season is our busy season and to add to that I’ve been traveling so I feel like this month just flew by.  Because I’ve been so busy, this month’s beauty faves are all products that help me as a busy mom and entrepreneur take care of my skin and beauty routine without spending too much time or that help my makeup last throughout the day.


MALLY BEAUTY EVERCOLOR PORELESS FACE DEFENDER:  I decided to try this out as I have been working super long days and having trouble making my makeup last from day to night. I’ve been needing something that gives my makeup more staying power.  I don’t even know how to explain the consistency of this.  It’s like a creamy wax which sounds odd but it goes on so smoothly over you skin and acts like a powder except better because this product fills in your fine lines and pores!  You just use the sponge and swirl it into the product and then pat it onto your face after you are done putting your makeup on.   I love how it feels going on and I’ve found that my powder and blush last so much longer throughout the day when I finish with this product.

PUR EPIC ILLUION ARTIST’S BLUSH & COUNTOUR PALETTE I love palettes.  I just think they are the best things ever and I usually end up using palettes way more than when I buy individual products of beauty products.  After watching many contour videos on youtube I feel like I have a pretty good routine for my face but this palette definitely helps speed the process along as sometimes it can take quite awhile to contour!  I love that it comes with the contour, highlight and blush shades that can be mix and matched and blended together.  It’s one of the best contour kits that I’ve used!  

MURAD INTENSIVE-C RADIANCE PEEL: It got cold super fast here in Seattle so my skin hasn’t reacted too great to it.  It’s been a bit dull and dry and I recently started using this peel once a week and it’s been much happier since.  It not only brightens skin but also helps to even skintone which I’m kind of obsessed, which leads me to the next product.  RAPID AGE SPOT AND PIGMENT LIGHTENING SERUM: This is a very lightweight serum to help with lightening dark spots.  I really like it as I’ve used other Hydroquinone products that felt a lot harsher on my skin.  The last step is the ESSENTIAL-C NIGHT MOISUTRE.  I use these products only at night and I need a moisturizer that does it’s job overnight and helps lock the moisture into my skin.  These three steps have helped my skin be much happier and easier to manage so that when I wake up I don’t have to do much to it!


SOAP & PAPER FACTORY LIP CONDITIONERS: Along with the cold weather, my lips have been SO chapped.  It’s ridiculous how chapped they’ve been.  These lip balms are not heavy, not greasy, don’t affect my lipstick and keep my lips soft.  They come in three scents: Marigold Calendula, Lavender Clary Sage and Red Rose
Saffron.  The pots are the perfect size to keep in my purses so I have one in each handbag so I’m never without it!

NYC NEW YORK COLOR EXPERT LAST LIP LACQUER:  I’ve really been into bright lips and I love these lip lacquers that stay on for a really long time.  They are super pigmented and creamy.  I used these while traveling and I loved not worry about reapplying.  Oh and the best part?  They’re $3.99!  One of my best drugstore finds!

I know I’ve talked about Scentbird before but I had to mention it again.  It’s been about 6 months and I’m still loving this subscription.  If you don’t know what it is, basically they send you a 30 day supply of perfume and you can choose which perfumes get sent to you each month.  I now have a full stash of perfumes as I don’t actually use the entire bottle within the 30 days but I love it as I get to switch out my perfumes all the time without having to commit to a full bottle!  It’s only $14.95 a month and I think it is totally worth it.  If you use my link here you will get your first month for free!

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