Sleek Makeup Review

I recently got to try out a new to me make up brand, Sleek MakeUP and I had to share as I am truly impressed by the products.   The packaging is very fitting to their name, it is very sleek.  I love the high end look with the drugstore pricing!

These products have all been so great for fall and winter looks.  I’ve been using them a ton!

First off is this gorgeous eye shadow palette.  I’m not one for color on my lids but I actually am loving to change things up.  I use the neutrals all over the lid and then put the color close to my shadow line to treat it like a liner.  The palette is only $11.99 and worth every penny and more!


These cream to powder blushes are so pretty and they go on so smoothly.  You just use your fingertips to apply and it blends so well.
I’ve been such a lipstick girl lately and these lipsticks are a go-to.  So creamy and applies easily.  The colors are all gorgeous on and I love, love the matte formula as it’s not drying at all and stays on for hours.
True Colour Lipstick $7.49
These new products are all about the highlighter/shimmer which I usually leave for the summer but I am having fun with it.  The Barekissed Illuminator is a bit much on it’s own but mixed with my foundation it livens up my skin.  And although I have been more about the matte lips lately, I am a girl who can never resist a little hot pink glitter so of course I love this lipgloss!
Barekissed Illuminator $13.49 // Glitter Me Lipgloss $7.49
This is a great neutrals eyeshadow palette but because it’s all so shimmery I usually use this in combination with the other palette to create a more day to day look for me.  I never knew how much I needed this many shades of gold until I had this palette!  It just goes so well with any other eyeshadow you want to pair it with.
Gold Standard Eyeshadow Palette $11.49

This highlighter palette is pretty amazing.  I love the different textures of the cream and the powder and the different shades.  You can use the cream to make a bit more of highlight on the inner corners of your eyes and on the tops of the cheeks.  They recommend the powder highlighters to use on your body like your shoulders and arms which is a great idea for holiday parties and such.

Solstice Highlighting Palette $14.99

You can buy all their products on their website or at Amazon.  Here’s a few of the ones I mentioned above and a few more that I am wanting to try out! 

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