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Cold Shoulder: Off the shoulder looks for winter

6:00 AM

I recently posted this look on my instagram.  I don't often have time for full #OOTD (outfit of the day) shots so most of the time I just take these kind of pics.  BUT I really loved my sweater so I had to share my how cute it was.

Look, isn't it cute?  I've kind of been obsessing with off the shoulder tops lately as my sister and I have designed some cute ones for spring/summer.  But I love that this sweater look is one that I can wear in the winter!

It's just slightly different enough to make it interesting and yes my shoulders do get cold but nothing a jacket over it doesn't fix.  And of course per usual, after I fall in love with a style I go looking for it some more so here are more of my favorite off the shoulder pieces that are super cute for winter!

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  1. All of these tops are beautiful!!


  2. I <3 the cableknit one...looks so cozy!!!



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