Flawless Skin that Glows Even in Winter

There’s something about the dryness of winter that makes wearing makeup not only look less-than-perfect but also feel uncomfortable. And even if you slather on your super charged balms and facial oils at nighttime, one step out the door and you can feel your cheeks getting patchy and scaly.
Although preventative skincare is still so important for creating healthy skin at the first level, picking face makeup for the day that works with your skincare and against the cold is equally key. 

Skip the heavy foundations, which will cling to the hairs on your face as the cold raises them and irritate pores against the grain of the hair. Avoid words like long-wear, matte or full-coverage to stick to the lighter, more hydrating formulas. Even oily skin types will benefit from the extra moisture this time of year. 
With the popularity of CC and BB creams, tinted moisturizers have some competition, but really they’re all pretty similar so pick a formula with a color that matches your skin tone. SPF coverage is a must year-round, and dermatologists recommend SPF 30 or higher to really gain any kind of benefit. Have you tried any of the face makeup below?

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