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Lookbook: Feather Jacket

5:00 AM

Seattle is usually gray, gray and more gray but then we will get the random day that is so super sunny and bright.  We had just gotten our new feather coats in that day (it's always an exciting day when we get our latest designs in!) so my assistant and I went out to take advantage of the beautiful day and I ended up just loving the light of these photos.


Oh yes we got it in pink too!  I couldn't decide which one I liked better so I brought both along but I think I like the gray.  What do you think?

What I'm Wearing
Dress: SAMMYDRESS (it costs $8!!)
Sunglasses: AMAZON 
Bag: CHANEL (Mine is the Jumbo size)
Earrings: T+J DESIGNS

I spent most of the weekend at home taking care of a sick toddler and a husband who was just getting over a cold.  Last week everyone at the office was sick.  I somehow have manged to dodge the illness going around and hopefully I'm not jinxing myself by saying that, I really hope I don't get sick next!

If you are wondering about this $8 dress, yes it's totally worth it!  I got a lot of compliments on it when I wore it that day.  The material is a bit thin but with the jacket it worked fine even in this weather.  Seattle is cold but not that cold and I spend most of my time indoors so even though it might not seem like a winter-y dress, it totally still worked fine for me.  It's just a cute basic dress but I love the lace up detail on the front.  And these boots - man they were a good buy this winter, I wear them all the time.  I recently just cleaned them with a suede cleaner/suede brush and they look great even after all the rain/puddles I've walked through in them. 

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  1. I love your outfit! Pink is my fave color so I definitely love the pink one! I think it adds a nice pop of color to your outfit!




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