Graphic Linear Nail Art Inspiration

Two of my favorite Instagram accounts to follow are actually ones by nail artists. Specifically, Korean nail artists. With the influx of Korean beauty in the States, Korean gel nail art is also drawing lots of attention on social media and the web.

One of the most popular techniques right now: glass nails really launched in Korea, for example. One trend that my style gravitates towards is the linear nail art inspired by graphic designs.

The image above is a collage of some of my favorite work done by @nail_unistella. Check her out on Instagram here. The designs are very minimalistic and simple but really use negative space as the predominant method of manipulating nail shape and appearance.

I’m also a fan of @jini_naildesigner and her work. Follow her designs here. I find her designs to be a little more edgy and have a sharper quality of line. A lot of the Korean nail art I’ve seen, while not quite as adored with 3D embellishments as some Japanese nail art, do feature a lot of press-on designs.

Do you have any favorite Instagram accounts for nail art inspiration?

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