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I have always been petite and somewhat lucky in that I never really had body insecurities. I think my mom did a really good job at teaching me to stay active, eat in moderation and just take care of myself and feel good about my body. After I got pregnant though, my body insecurities went through the roof. I remember being 37 weeks pregnant and coming home crying after someone told me how big I looked. And I know they weren’t being mean or saying I was fat but man, after feeling huge for what seemed like forever and then being told that, it was definitely hard to hear. And now, even though I’m back to being the exact same size as I was before I had my baby, the way my body carries weight is completely different. I carry so much more weight in my midsection and thighs than I did before, and because this was so new to me I just felt so badly about myself and my body. I don’t have stretch marks but I certainly do have other weird marks that pregnancy brought on and that never went away. The summer after I had my daughter, I refused to go anywhere that required me to be in a swimsuit or anything revealing. Being in a bathing suit never really bothered me before but this new body of mine just made me feel so uncomfortable that I couldn’t even think of putting it out there for the world to see. I’m hoping that some of you new mommy’s can relate as it’s so indescribable, all the feelings that you go through when you have a baby, plus a whole new body. Your mind plays some weird tricks on you and you just feel like a completely different person.   

When Target asked me to be a part of their #NOFOMO swim campaign I really wanted to back out. I thought, “Me in a bathing suit, on the internet, for everyone to see?” I mean honestly, I would’ve rather put needles in my eye. But I sat on it for a day and I thought about it. And really, what was there to be scared of? People judging me for not having a perfect body? I mean, I certainly don’t think that about other women that I’ve seen in their swimsuits. I mean, at most I see it and think how cute the suit is and move on. And so, I just thought, “OK, I’m going to do it.” So here I am! Of course I’m not going to start out the post with a photo of me in a swimsuit, I still need to work up to that!  

Because I love Target’s message I had to let you know what #NOFOMO means:
#NOFOMO – is all about embracing the season with no reservations, just confidence. #NOFOMO is Target’s rallying cry to stop missing out on the best of summer because of body insecurities, swimsuit avoidance or lame excuses.


My brother is getting married in Costa Rica in a few months and we will be there for a week, so I went into Target looking for suits that I could wear for that trip.  My entire family will be there and I certainly don’t want to miss out on anything fun just because I’m afraid to be in a swimsuit! #NOFOMO
I still do love bikinis but I have a ton already so I wanted some pretty suits that I would feel as comfortable playing with and carrying my daughter around in as this will be our first beach vacation together.  I usually go for bright colored suits but was really drawn towards these black and white suits!
And here’s how they look on me! I love the one on the left: it’s a one piece but the mesh makes it still a bit fun and sexy. And I feel totally comfortable running around and not having to think about my belly hanging out 🙂 The middle one is my favorite. I love the print and that the mix of the print in the midsection gives the illusion to a smaller waist. I’m super self-conscious about that area so it’s nice to be able to hide it a little in this suit. And the tankini on the right is nice in that it doesn’t cling to your body, so it’s a bit more forgiving in case I decide to indulge in too much while on vacation!   
I love the three different fits; they are all super comfortable and, best of all, I can feel comfortable with myself while wearing them. I think that, after having my baby and also my last birthday, I struggled a bit with knowing that I wasn’t so “young” anymore. And I felt like I had to give up my cute little bikinis for more mom-appropriate swimsuits. I love that these suits aren’t just what you think of as your typical “mom” bathing suits; they’re appropriate for moms (or anyone that doesn’t want to stick to bikinis) but are still totally cute and stylish.

The selection at the store is great but online there are a ton more options.  Shipping and returns are free, which is nice so you can order up a ton, try them on at home and just return what doesn’t fit. Here are a few others that I fell in love with while shopping online.  I mean that pink scallop one is just the cutest!  Just ordered a few more, can’t wait to get them!

So now that I’ve found the suits that I’m going to be wearing, I am definitely way more excited about this vacation!  I will for sure be jumping into the water, building sandcastles with my daughter and even dancing on the beach with her.  I’m excited to make some fun memories with her and my husband on our first beach vacation together!

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  • Caitlin Elisabeth
    February 5, 2016 at 4:55 pm

    looking fabulous tiffany and a great inspiration to all of us out there!

  • Linda Tran
    February 5, 2016 at 5:16 pm

    I love all the bathing suits! They all look so amazing on you!!

  • Karrie
    February 9, 2016 at 8:28 pm

    I think all of the suits look great on you. I'm looking for a new bathing suit and will have to check out target.