Planning for Good Intentions

Although it’s becoming more talked about, mental health is something that we can always continuously and actively work on to improve. In that sense, setting good intentions for ourselves is one small but key step that is a total game-changer. 
One way to take this step is to start planning your day in a way that facilitates your goals and promotes positivity.   

Planning your day might be an afterthought or a panicked event, but when you have a super cute place to do it like in this agenda, it’s less dread-inspiring to start cracking down on your hectic schedule. I can’t wait to use these stickers for example to make particularly hard days look a little more fun. It’s all about the mind set!

One other thing that I’ve noticed is really helpful for motivating me is to actually write things down. We all use Google calendar and our phones to schedule every detail, but sometimes seeing things on paper and actually putting a pen in your hand offers a new perspective. Good pens like these are a must for those times.

Another way to invite agency and intention into your life is to keep crystals in your workspace. Even if you’re not the biggest believer in spiritual kinds of healing, just think of these as really great decor objects that happen to encourage your work flow. I’m a fan of this citrine point, which dispels negativity and draws in light and positivity, and is pretty to display.

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