Acrylic Desk Accessories

I have this crazy thing about having matching desk accessories.  I love everything pink, gold and white.  So when my friend started a desk accessories line, I was SO excited to see her first products and I immediately fell in love with these cute acrylic desk accessories.  The gold polka dots on the acrylic is so cute!  I love them so much and just had to share with those of you who like to dress up your desk as well. 🙂

I’ve been helping her take photos and these were actually her first samples.  The ones that were finalized for production are so pretty as the gold dots are a lot more prominent. (as you can see in the final product images linked above)  I still love these anyway as I just have never seen a tape dispenser and stapler look so cute and chic!  And not only are they pretty, these are very high quality, heavy weight acrylic and the polka dots are printed on really well, they won’t scratch off. 

She’s working on her website but you can get them on Amazon now.  I get so excited when my friends start their own businesses as I know the feeling of how exciting it is to get your product out there. Would love for you guys to be one of the first to grab these as I know she only has limited quantities.


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  • Poperie
    June 7, 2016 at 9:00 pm

    But..they're amazing!! I think I'm gonna buy for my office desk. So lovely!