Boho Home Decor for Small Spaces

Although I can scroll through home decor and design inspiration feeds until my eyes glaze over, I’m always too overwhelmed with how to start to really transform my space into one that I love. That said, I’ve been taking baby steps to infuse some smaller areas with my own sense of style.

My art history background is pulling me in all sorts of contemporary design directions, but I’m most inclined to a slightly bohemian interior style. I’m trying to grow my crystal collection currently, but I’m pretty picky about how they look and what purposes they channel. 
This citrine point and raw rose quartz are two of my favorites for their aesthetic appearances but also embody positivity, which is important for a productive workspace flow. I keep this sage cleansing kit out too as a refresher for those times when I’ve burned the midnight oil and need to clear my head.

How do you decorate smaller nooks? What sources do you turn to for home decor inspo? 

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