Junetics Glow-Getting Skincare Routine

For Summer, lighter is always better when it comes to clothing or skincare. Thinking sheer layers is key, and this regimen by Junetics pretty much fits the bill.
Junetics Pure Energy Eye Cream – This eye cream has a really cool applicator. You twist and then slide the cream on straight from the tube with a cooling silver ball applicator. You can see in my video below!

Junetics Pure Energy Brightening Day Cream – This cream has SPF 50 but feels extremely light, and doesn’t clog pores or leave me feeling sticky/greasy.  
Junetics Pure Energy Night Cream – This night cream has a super emollient texture, so it smooths on nicely and locks in any serums or treatments underneath.
Junetics Pure Energy Day Serum – Interesting quirk, but this serum makes makeup apply really smoothly.
Check out this video that shows some of the packaging and application details!

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