End of Summer Beauty Faves

You know I love my beauty products so I had to share some of my favorite products that I’ve been using this summer and especially at the end of summer.

Ole Henriksen Power Bright – LOVE this 3 step system that makes your skin instantly brighter.  My skin was so much softer, smoother and just generally felt better after using it.  It can be time consuming with each process but totally worth it.


Murad Rapid Resurfacing Peel – After spending time in the sun this summer I really like to use these products with Vitamin C to give my skin a nice refresh.  When I don’t have as much time on my hands to use the Power Bright system above, I use these resurfacing peels which is very similar but these also use glycolic acid which I love as I still battle with acne occasionally.  This definitely takes care of any breakouts but also leaves my skin so soft and smooth.  I use these about twice a week at night.

Completely Bare Body Moisturizer & Hair Inhibitor – I haven’t tried this out for too long so I don’t have the full results but this is supposed to make your hair grow slower so that you don’t have to shave as much.  Sounds amazing right?  They instruct you to use it twice a day for 28 days and well I am not great at remembering to use it twice a day every day but I have been using it almost daily for a few weeks now on my legs and I do think that my hair has been growing at a slower pace.  I’ve never been too hairy so it probably is good for someone like me?  But after I shave I apply the lotion and I can go another week with having to shave again.

OGX Voluminous Mousse – I love the OGX line of hair products.  I have been using quite a few products for the past few months and these ones with the argan oil are the best hair products I’ve used in awhile.  Everything is so lightweight and I feel like none of the products weigh my hair down or make it feel greasy.  I love adding a bit of this mousse in my hair after I’ve blow dried to give it a bit more texture and bounce.

OGX In Shower Oil – This stuff is so good!  There’s so many different ways you can use it.  You can use it before you shampoo to revive dry and damaged hair, you can mix it in with your shampoo to add some more moisture back into your hair or use it as a leave-in treatment.  AND you can even use it on your skin.  It’s best to use it on damp skin after you shower as it really asborbs and makes your skin feel super soft.  Love love this product and I’ve never used anything like it or even comparable to it.

Also I didn’t get an individual shot of this but the Weightless Oil & Lift Tonic is also a fave and daily product of mine.  I always use it after I’m done styling my hair and just give my hair the extra bit of lift and shine it needs.

So Cozy Swim Leave-In – This is for my daughter and I had to mention it as even though she is little and still doesn’t have much hair, I want to take care of it as best that I can.  When we’ve been out in the sun for a long time or she’s been in the pool, I love using this to help restore and repair any kind of damage that could be done to her hair.  It’s lightweight and just a simple spray that you can even use to detangle hair.  I’m glad that they are making products like this with kids in mind!  I also have the 3-1 shampoo/conditioner/bodywash pictured and we love it too!  Best of all you can get it at Target!

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  • Aliceie Rodriquez
    September 30, 2016 at 8:38 am

    Hey! Loved your product. Would like to include in my skin care products will make a great combo with my skin care products.

    Alleice@lifecell anti-aging cream