Transforming my shoes with Amopé

This is a sponsored conversation written by me on behalf of Amopé™. The opinions and text are all mine.

I used to not care much if shoes were uncomfortable.  Don’t get me wrong, I didn’t love wearing uncomfortable shoes but sometimes the cuteness of the shoes would win out over the pain.  Well now being a mom (and after a sprained ankle accident that left my ankle quite weak) I’m much more about comfort and stability.  I still love my heels but I try to be careful about where and when I wear them and that they will be comfortable for long periods of time.

I was recently asked by Amopé to try out the Amopé Gel Activ™ insoles and I wanted to share my experience.  There are so many shoes in my closet that I love but don’t get enough wear so I wanted to try out the insoles to see if they would help make them more comfortable.

I checked out all the varieties while I was at Target and I ended up getting both the Everyday Heels and the Extreme Heels insoles as I wear heels the most.  I was intrigued by the ones for the flat shoes as I tend to think flats hurt more than heels so may have to try those out later.  They also have one for open toe shoes which of course is great as I have always found that open toe shoes can create a new kind of pain and of course these insoles don’t show when you are wearing them.  I thought it was really great that each insole is placed differently in the shoe to align with the pressure
points.  So it’s kind of like having custom cushions in each shoe!


My quick review: I love that the everyday heels insole has support that is tailored to the pressure points of wearing heels.  So these ones create arch and ball of foot support.  The insoles are made with super concentrated gel, and are 25% thinner than
other insoles, so they fit in all my shoes comfortably.  This is not my first go around with insoles I’ve tried quite a few before but these are definitely the best.  They feel great on, they don’t squish my feet inside the shoes and I love that I don’t have to commit them to just one pair of shoes!  They are made of a sticky material and do not lose their tack, even if
removed from one shoe and put in another so I have been using these in so many pairs.

I wore mine to the office every day the past week with a different pair of shoes and I now am totally sold on them and will be buying more.  Because our office is also our warehouse where we keep inventory, I am constantly walking around checking for items and my office itself is upstairs so I’m also always going up and down stairs.  Even though I was in heels all day long, my feet felt great all day and I know for sure that the insoles helped!  Because of the insoles I’ve worn shoes that I haven’t worn in ages because they usually hurt my feet within minutes of putting them on.  These really put the pressure in the right place so that walking or even standing my feet felt more comfortable than ever in the shoes.

I wore the Extreme Heels insoles with the gray shoes in the photo above for date night.  With the insoles in, I was able to walk comfortably from the parking spot (if you know the Capitol Hill neighborhood in Seattle, you know parking is horrendous and you usually end up parking half a mile away!).  After dinner we even walked to a cupcake shop for coffee and dessert and my shoes felt as comfortable as can be!  I was really impressed with just a little bit of cushion in just the right places, the pain that these shoes usually cause went away!

If you want to try them out for yourself, head on over to Target to shop all the different varieties.  And if you buy them soon, you will actually get them for FREE!  See below for details on how to download the rebate.  It expires on 10/23 so make sure to get them soon!

Like I said,  because I’ve been wearing shoes that I rarely wore before, I feel like my shoe wardrobe has expanded greatly!  I love wearing all my shoes now and not having to worry about the pain.

Turn your heels into sneakers today! How many pairs of shoes do you own versus how many do you actually wear? These insoles allow you to wear them ALL! #Amopé #ShoeLove


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