Fringe Cardigan or Cape – 1 Look 2 Ways

I’m all about creating versatile outfits and lately I have a super easy uniform of a graphic tee, ripped jeans and heels.  I wanted to play around with what I could do with this simple outfit and turns out all you need is a cute outerwear to create two different looks.

TEE JEANS SHOES (similar)  

TEE JEANS SHOES (similar)  

I really love both options!  The cardigan is so cozy and when I was wearing it I felt like it was just a cozy blanket.  I love the fringe and the pockets!  The cape, just dresses up the outfit very easily.  It’s still casual but kind of a fancy casual!  I just love being able to dress up my look with a simple piece.  I’m so obsessed with capes lately which is why my sister and I designed so many for our line!  Check out more options here.

And love that the fringe sweater comes in a few colors, I’m tempted to get the white one, it’s such a perfect piece for fall and winter!

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  • Around Colours
    October 13, 2016 at 2:45 pm

    I love both as well but the cape seems more like a piece I would wear, the cardigan not so much as it would perhaps make me look a bit shorter. But both look gorgeous!