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Lookbook: Star Tulle Skirt

5:00 AM

My daughter loves all things girly and princess.  When we went to Disneyland I packed two princess dresses (she chose Anna and Belle) and wore them to the park to meet the princess and just had the absolute best time of her life!

I put this skirt on and came out of the room and my daughter gasped and said "mommy, you look beautiful!" it was so cute and I know what she really meant was that the skirt was beautiful and princess-y and everything that she loves!  She wanted to put on her Minnie Mouse dress (can you tell we play lots of dress up in my house?)  and we spent a few minutes twirling in our skirts before we headed out.

She's at such a fun age (of course I say that about every age that she's been) but I just love how she got her love of all things girly from me.  This skirt is so much fun not only to wear but to dance around in!  The skirt has a few layers with the star printed tulle on top and then a bottom layer that also has stars on it and an shorter skirt underneath.  It's everything pretty, girly and lovely and I just can't get enough of it! 

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