Pixi by Petra – Multibalm, Makeup Fixing Mist, Eyeliner Review

Let’s be honest here, I go to Target even when I don’t need to go to Target and then spend WAY too much money there 🙂  I shop for everything there but I always get sucked into the makeup aisles.  I love the Pixi beauty line that they carry there and have tried out a few of their products these past few months.

This multibalm is absolutely fantastic.  It works amazing as both a blush and a tinted lipbalm.  I’m a huge fan of all the colors although Wild Rose is a fave as it’s a perfectly neutral pink that looks great on the cheek and the lips.  Also the size is perfect to carry around in my bag and I really do carry it everywhere for a quick touch up.  I’m one of those people that look dead without a hint of color on my cheeks so this is perfect for giving me some color throughout the day. 


When I do my makeup at home I do like to start out with a powder blush so I tried out this blush duo that comes with a blush and highlighter.  I actually have been using it as a contour/highlight but blended together it creates a really pretty color as well.  It also comes with a little kabuki brush, which I don’t know why but I love kabuki brushes.  I have a small collection of them, they are my favorite for applying powder and an overall highlight.  The Tinted Balm is actually very similar to the multibalm but it’s just for the lips and is very hydrating and when you put it on it’s more of a lipstain so you get a nice color that stays throughout the day.  If you are going to just get one though, I’d recommend the multibalm.  Both are very similar but I love the size of the multibalm and that you can use it as a blush as well.

I’m always on a quest for good eyeliner and I love the felt tip eyeliners as they go on the smoothest and mistake free (for me at least!)  I’ve been able to get all day wear from this eyeliner which is amazing as I seem to smudge my eyeliner without even trying, but this has great staying power with minimal smudging.

And I had to mention the Makeup Fixing Mist as it’s just a must have in your makeup routine.  If you’ve never used a setting mist before, I highly recommend you start. I love that you can use this one to start with as sort of a primer.  I mainly use it as a setting spray after I’ve done my make up to keep it from moving or settling into any fine lines or pores.  It also works great just as a refresher to wake up your face after a long day.

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  • Around Colours
    October 6, 2016 at 1:24 pm

    Pixi seems like such a great brand! I don't really know how to get a hold of it in my country but if I did I would be buying loads of stuff, that's for sure!