The BEST skinny jeans for petite girls

I wear these jeans ALL the time.  I love them so much that I bought 2 pairs.  I just spotted them on sale which means I just bought another pair!  I hate shopping for jeans, I struggle with them all the time so when I find a pair I love this much, I must have back ups!  Anyway, I had to share with you because they truly are the best pair that I’ve found in a long time and I can not even believe they are on sale!
Here’s just a few outfits that I’ve worn
with them.  And yes, my legs are so short that even though these are
“ankle” length, they are still too long for me so I wear them rolled
up.  I decided not to get these hemmed because I liked the look of them
rolled up.  But that’s also why I love these because there really is no
need for alterations if I don’t want the rolled up look, I just tuck
them in and it looks fine.  These jeans are really stretchy so that they
fit your body snugly but also not too stretchy so that they are always
falling down.  If you are trying to find some good jeans, I highly
recommend trying these out!

(see the full lookbook here)

As you can see I wear them with tees a lot but I love this dark denim as it can go with dressy or casual tops really well.



For reference, I am 5’2″, wearing a size 25 and they fit true to size.

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