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5 Sandal Styles You Need in Your Closet

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You’re all about options and versatility, which is why you seek to include a lot of great fashion finds in your closet. Whether it’s a multipurpose performer, a basic staple or a unique piece that provides some visual interest, you know how to find them because you’re a smart and savvy shopper. But if you need a little guidance in the shoe department, take heart. Spring and summer (and well into fall, for some fashionistas) is sandal season, and adding a varied mix to your wardrobe will go a long way to maxing out your sartorial options.


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Ankle Strap Heels Add a Feminine Touch

In the warmer months, your daily wardrobe shifts from cozy sweaters and heavier structured garments to lighter fabrics and brighter colors. Your daily footwear selections should shift as well. Choosing a high heeled sandal with an ankle strap not only adds a sophisticated touch, but it works to give you the illusion of a longer leg. Additionally, it goes with nearly anything in your closet from a business suit to skinny jeans and a flirty tank top.


Give Your Feet a Stylish Break With Footbed Sandals

You might not be familiar with the term “footbed sandal,” but if you’ve seen a type of flat sandal with thick soles and buckling straps across the foot, then you were looking at this hippie and boho classic.The word “footbed” refers to the bottom construction of the sandal on which your foot directly bears weight. And in the case of this kind of footwear, the soles are flat and usually made of cork or a similar material. They’re meant to cradle your feet comfortably to give them a needed break from wearing heels every day.


Flat, Strappy Sandals Go With Almost Anything

Just because they’re flats doesn’t mean that they have to be boring. In fact, a pair of flat, strappy sandals gives you a great array of wardrobe choices because they go with nearly anything. Wear with more casual pieces, such as cutoff shorts or a floral dress. The more daring or free-spirited folk might try a metallic version with a little black dress for a bit of nighttime glamour that won’t wreak havoc on their feet.

Work Some Wardrobe Magic With Wedges

Wedge sandals are another all-around champion in your collection. They work well with either short or long dresses, giving any outfit a lift. Paired with jeans, they add a bold, yet flirty touch to your whole ensemble. And with shorts, the added height and lengthening of your leg us a bonus. Take a note, fashionistas: when wearing these classics with a shirt, make sure it’s not too form fitting. A combination of a chunky wedge and a tight skirt could look awkward and clunky, so try them with looser, flowing fabrics and less structured silhouettes.


Gladiator Sandals Go for the Gold

If you’ve been waffling on whether to add gladiator sandals to your cache of fashion finds, now might be the time to make up your mind and bring a pair home. And while you might have been unsure if the trend would stick around a few years ago, it looks like it’s here to stay, with new versions coming out of the fabulous footwear every season.
There’s a different kind of gladiator sandal suitable for each person’s sartorial sensibilities. So, if you can’t picture yourself in the calf-height or to-the-knee versions, don’t worry. Smaller ankle-length varieties look incredibly chic, standing out as an alternative to pumps with skirt and a jacket for the office or complimenting a light-weight summer frock to create a carefree look. However, bolder style mavens could try incorporating a black pair that laces up to just below the knee with a simple belted sheath or A-line dress.

Pair Up With Sandals Next Spring and Summer

Whether you’re watching golden leaves fall to the ground or seeing glittering snow blanketing your yard, it’s still not too soon to think about your warm season footwear purchases. Spring merchandise often hits the stores in January, and keeping an eye out for specials should be every savvy shopper’s bag of strategies. The well-rounded fashionista is wise to pick up some versions of these five essential sandals, and choose durable, well-made pairs to get more bang for the buck.

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  1. Sandals are awesome, I love wearing them. And some of those styles are really pretty.

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