Festive Drinks for Your Next Holiday Party

Unless you’re naturally a Martha Stewart type character, entertaining around the holidays can be a harrowing and overwhelming task. It always seems like the lines at Costco or Trader Joe’s are longest the day before your party when you’ve inevitably had to go back just because you forgot that one critical ingredient. But we all know that the simple joy of sharing food with the good company of loved ones makes party planning all worth it in the end.

Although there are some areas where you might not want to scrimp on time or money, drinks are definitely not one of them. In fact, the best crowd-pleasing drinks can be quick and easy to mix up too.

Take kombucha for example. Everyone’s favorite health drink and a versatile drink to set out for guests to mix with sparkling wines for a healthier take on champagne spritzers. Put out some berries and pomegranate seeds alongside seltzer for a setup that doubles as a mocktail bar. I’m a picky tea drinker in general but this raw and organic line, Brew Dr. Kombucha, makes some flavors that I love: Love (jasmine + lavender), Clear Mind (rosemary + sage), White Rose (white tea + rose), Superberry (berry). Each one is flavored just enough to tint your drink with a dose of bubbly probiotics without overwhelming the whole drink. The apothecary-style bottles are chic for repurposed decor too.

If you know you’ll be drinking hard liquors, then sodas tend to be a better mixer option. The cutest, most festive ones that you’ll find are the gold-dressed DRY Sparkling that look like chic champagne bottles. I tried out a 2:1 ratio of DRY Sparkling Cranberry to vodka and a 2:1 ratio of DRY Sparkling Ginger to tequila and both were extremely refreshing. I liked that DRY Sparkling isn’t super fizzy like conventional sodas so my drinks felt smoother. The flavors were actually strong enough that I didn’t need extra ingredients, but I threw in some orange with the cranberry vodka and lime with the ginger tequila anyways. You can even add slices of the citrus to a pitcher for a quick but pretty drink setup for your next holiday party.
For an after-dinner situation, you can’t go wrong with a creamy and cold dessert-like beverage. Serve up Califia Farms holiday drinks: Pumpkin Spice Latte Cold Brew Coffee with Almond Milk and Holiday Nog Almond Milk to ensure that all guests (dairy-free included) get a chance to try this treat. These drinks are also lighter in calories than typical sugary and full-fat versions, which definitely makes it okay to go back for a second or third cup. Cute seasonal mugs optional but worth it.

What holiday drinks and tips are vetted in your book? Do you have any favorite glassware brands?

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