What’s in my Work Bag: Louis Vuitton Neverfull MM

I posted a new video!  Sharing what I carry in my work bag – the Louis Vuitton Neverfull MM.  Just wanted to share what I take to the office and what I can’t live without for my work.

Here’s everything that I mentioned:

Louis Vuitton Neverfull MM 
– I bought this at the LV store years ago and the price just keeps on
going up every year!  There are a lot of great pre-loved bags out there
that are much more reasonably priced but I will say that this bag is
worth the investment.  I’ve used it practically every day since the day I
bought it.  It even doubled as diaper bag for me when I first had my

Bag Pom Poms/Keychains – I have one on every bag now!  I can’t help it I think they are so cute.

Day Designer for Target  – I love this planner.  It is probably my favorite planner of them all.  The price is great too!  Considering most of the other ones this size go for $40+, you certainly can’t beat $9.99. 

Sugar Paper Planner  – Why do I need a second planner?  Well the one above is simply too big!  But I feel lost when I’m out and I don’t have a planner on me so this is my solution and I love it.  This one is small but has big enough spaces to write in and I keep my most important tasks/appointments in this one.

Macbook Pro Case  – I’ve had this case for years and it still looks great!  Mine is a light pink but I’m loving this hot pink case!  The Speck cases are really well made.  I’ve seen other similar cases but are a lot flimsier.

External Harddrive  – I have 3 external hard drives.  As a photographer I have WAY too many photos that I don’t want to get rid of.  This one is the slimmest that I found and that’s why I carry it with me.

Macbook Charger  – Beware when you search “Macbook Charger” on Amazon as there are listings where it seems like you are getting authentic Apple ones but instead you get horrible copies made in china that do not work.  Luckily I didn’t end up buying one of those as I read all the reviews and got scared off.  But I did find this one and it doesn’t claim to be Apple branded but it is at least compatible and works great!  I also like traveling with it since it’s lighter than the regular Macbook charger.

iPhone charging cable – I’m of the “you can never have too many phone chargers” camp.  So I’m all about these cables.  Don’t get tricked by super cheap iphone charging cables from China.  I know because I bought them (when I was in china!) and tried to plug my phone and they either freaked out (kept on buzzing and turning my phone on and off) or they simply just do nothing.  I now have a stockpile of these Amazon ones and they all work fantastic. These are the best priced lightning to USB cables that I’ve found.

Le Pens – these are truly the best planner/agenda pens!  They write so well and I color code everything in my planner so love having all these pretty colors.

Diamond Pens – And these are great everyday writing pens.  The diamond on top is just so me!  Love them and how gorgeous are the colors of the pens.  They come in a set so you get all of these!  They now come in polka dots too!  So cute.

Chanel planner clips  – these are so cute and really well made! They ship from New Zealand so shipping can take awhile but well worth the wait.  I haven’t found anyone else that makes these so they are one of a kind!

Sunglasses – my favorites and they come in gold and rose gold.

I talk a little bit about my business in the video and wanted to gauge some interest in a video talking more about my business and how my sister and I started it.  I get those questions a lot in real life so I figured it may be fun to make a video about it.  If you guys have any questions about my business, how we started it, how we’ve grown it, etc… let me know in the comments or shoot me an email and I’ll include the answers in the video if I can.  And if you guys liked the video please subscribe, it would be amazing if you did!  Thank you! 🙂

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