Gift Guide for Wine and Coffee lovers

I think we all know a coffee or wine lover.  I am in fact, both 😉  I have plenty of friends and family that fit in this category so pulled together some super cute gift ideas and almost everything is under $50!

1. The perfect tee to show your friends how much you love them and lattes!
2. For those of us that love Chanel and Coffee!  Love this iPhone case.
3. I saw this travel mug in person and it is oh so gold and shiny!  It’s gorgeous!
4. OK so not for coffee but I don’t know about you but I can’t have coffee without having water.  Swell bottles are my favorite (it keeps cold drinks cold and hot drinks hot for a really long time!)
5. Just a simple and pretty mug because who doesn’t love to sip their coffee from something pretty?
6. I have way too many notebooks but I can’t help but buy more!  This is such a cute one and a great stocking stuffer.
7. Another travel tumbler but great for someone who’s not into so much gold! 
8. All day, every day.  Coffee ‘Til Cocktails
9. I love having a variety of capsules but keeping them organized is not easy. This Nespresso capsule holder does the job and is beautiful.
10. Put your jewelry or keys in this adorable Drink Coffee, Read Vogue Trinket Tray.
11. Who doesn’t want to charge their phone with the cutest drink?  Love this Starbucks Power Bank

1. Perfect gift for a couple!  My husband occasionally drinks wine with me but he would definitely get more use out of the beer glass.
2. On Cloud Wine – so cute!
3.  No really, how MERLOT can you go? Hehe, always love a cute funny tee.
4. Wine to go – why not?  Haha, very handy Wine Tumblers for any outdoor event.
5. Love these gorgeous stemless wine glasses and they come in gold and rose gold.
6. The perfect Christmas tee for the wine lover!
7. Cocktail Jelly Beans – I know, not wine flavored but still these cocktail jelly beans are too cute!  Also make sure to check out the Champagne Jelly Beans!

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