My Week in Chicago: T&J Designs Holiday Party, Foodie Adventures and Lots of Fun!

My daughter and I just got back from Chicago and I’m so happy that we
left right before all the snow!  Man is it cold there!  People are
always asking me how I can stand the rain in Seattle but I would much
rather take the rain than the freezing cold temps and snow.  I’m such a
chicken when it comes to cold, I just can’t handle it!  Other than the
cold, our week in Chicago was so much fun.  I
love visiting my sister and her boys and love having my daughter spend
time with her cousins since she doesn’t get to seem them that often.


Just a quick review of all the fun stuff we did!

We started out with blowouts at Blowout Junkie.  I got the “Signature” and Jen got the “Junkie Wave” Mine looks quite big and the curls are super tight because it was just done but in the next few hours my hair relaxed a bit and I had really pretty big curls and lots of volume, I really loved it!

After the blowouts we had to run around to do a few things and while we were out, we found this fun black and white wall.  Of course, we stopped for a photo 🙂 We are unapologetically fashion bloggers who can’t pass up a good wall!
The rest of the day was busy with work and getting ready for our annual T&J Designs holiday party!  Every year, we hold a party at a fun venue and invite our favorite Chicago bloggers and local customers to come eat, drink and shop with us!  This year was at Siena Tavern and it was amazing!  I always have so much fun meeting everyone and seeing familiar faces and I love seeing everyone shop!  It’s just such a fun way to connect with everyone, especially since we are mainly ecommerce so it’s so hard for people to see our line in person and I just love seeing everyone’s reactions when they see it.


The next day my sister, our social media assistant and I went out to lunch at Restoration Hardware.  The restaurant is actually called 3 Arts Club Cafe but it’s located inside RH (which is actually the historic Three Arts Club building).  The food was delish!  Everything is beautifully styled, the space is just gorgeous. And yes it’s the same furniture store that you all know but this one is SO much more. The main floor is the restaurant and all the floors upstairs is where you can shop but it’s nothing like the restoration hardware that I’m used to.  Every room is just gorgeous and you want to buy everything!  It’s definitely a must see when you are in Chicago.  I wish I had taken photos but just now realized that I put everything on my insta-stories which disappears and I forgot to save them!  (Follow me on Instagram @tiffanyish so you don’t miss my other adventures!)
I grabbed this pic from the 3 Arts Club Cafe restaurant as you just have to see how pretty it is!
The restaurant is in the Gold Coast neighborhood of Chicago where every home is gorgeous.  We couldn’t resist and had to take photos in front of this pretty house!

After lunch we went back to work and played with the kids before our next event! 

My sister got invited to a private dinner back at Siena Tavern with Chef Fabio Viviani, which you may know from Top Chef.  She got me on the invite list as well and I was super excited!  It was a very small group, I think 13 of us in a small room and because he was introducing his new venture, Lobster by Fabio, we were treated to the most amazing 6 course lobster dinner.  I’m not kidding when I say that this was one of the best meals of my entire life.  I love lobster.  Like LOVE it.  So having lobster prepared 6 different ways was heaven for me.  I insta-storied the entire thing but I did capture this photo of one of the dishes.    He also has his own wine so we had wine pairings with everything.  Suffice to say, I went home very full and very happy.

Fabio was very sweet and I have to admit I loved listening to him talk about all the dishes in his very cute accent 🙂


We went home that night and passed out from the food coma!  All the other times not pictured were spent with our kids or working!  It was such a wonderful week though and was so happy to spend a lot of time with my sister.  I always love getting to spend time with her and my nephews.  Family is everything and the older I get, the more I appreciate every moment I get to spend with them.

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