Let’s talk about lip fillers

OK guys, I did it, I got lip fillers!  It’s been about a month and I can honestly say that I am so happy with them and they are SO worth it.  I have always envied girls with nice full lips.  My sister has really great full lips and any lipstick looks great on her.  I have thin and somewhat crooked lips that I always hated in photos so after some research and making sure my husband was OK with it (not that I needed his permission but he does have to look at me every day!  LOL I just wanted to make sure he was comfortable with it too), I booked an appointment at Skin Spirit in Bellevue.  They recently expanded this location and it is so big and beautiful!

I had a really great experience there and I highly recommend it.  They are in Bellevue Square so parking is super easy and convenient.  After living in Seattle (mostly the core of downtown Seattle) for over 10 years now, any time I can get easy and free parking I’m happy!

I met with Amaris, my nurse, who asked me a couple of questions about what I was looking for and I also asked for her suggestions of what she thought I should get.  I wanted to make sure that you could actually see a difference but not like crazy full so I told her around a 20-30% difference.  She recommended to use Juvederm Ultra and she used 1 full syringe.

Here’s the before and after.  The “after” was about 5 days after I had gotten it done.  The first two days my lips were gigantic and scary looking.  My mom told me I looked like a snapchat filter! But after those two days it totally calmed down and looked great!  They were slightly sore for those two days mainly because you do have to get quite a few injections in the lips. 

She first “lined” my lips and so she had to go in and inject the entire outer line which I’m not going to lie, hurt A LOT.  But if you know me, you know that I don’t mind pain for beauty, it’s just a few seconds and the results are worth it!  After filling in the outer line, it was a few more injections to plump up the lips and then I was done!  The whole procedure took about 15-20 mins.  If you look at the before photo you can see how my bottom lip was uneven.  One side was always a bit droopy.  It was something that always bothered me and I never knew I could fix it.  I spoke about it with Amaris and she did an amazing job filling it in so that my bottom lip is now even. It’s kind of funny the small things that we are insecure about that I’m sure no one else notices.  Even though getting the lip fillers weren’t necessary, I’m happy that I did it as it does make me feel a bit more confident and less self conscious.
I went back for a follow up appointment about 2 weeks after and she massaged out a few little lumps that I had but gave me the thumbs up and said everything was looking great.  I didn’t have any other side effects except that my lips were extremely dry which Amaris said is pretty common.  She gave me some Aquaphor for it and that was it!  
Again, here is me before, I wanted to give you a full face look so you could see the difference.


And here I am now, I took this photo just a few days ago so you can see how they look like about a month after the injections.  I think they look really natural and I’m very happy with the results.  My husband loves it and my mom agrees and thinks they look very natural (which we all know with Asian moms, she is always very truthful and wouldn’t hesitate to tell me if they looked terrible!)  I think the photos are a bit harder to tell but my lips are a lot more “plump” and I can really tell a difference when I put lipstick on.

The injections will last around 6 months, but she told me that the first time, it may not last quite as long but if you continue it and follow up it should last you a bit longer after that.  One thing that made me feel better is that they can actually dissolve it so if you end up with something that you don’t like, it’s easy for them to dissolve it and have it go back to what you wanted.  I felt like what I got was great for me and I’m super happy with the results.  It will definitely be hard to go back to having small, thin lips again!

Of course when doing something like this you want to feel comfortable with wherever you are going and so make sure to read reviews and ask around for recommendations.  I had only heard amazing things about Skin Spirit and when they reached out to me to come check out their new space I thought it was perfect timing.  They have another location in University Village and I’ve had a few friends go there who love it as well.  They do so much more than lip fillers, make sure to check out their full service menu.  I will definitely be heading back there for a few other services.  They have 3 locations in Washington and several in California!  Also if you plan on visiting SkinSpirit for any service, please put down I am Style-ish as your referral you will get 15% off your first treatment!

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