Sweaters and Jeans: Cold Shoulder and Lace Up Sweaters

When it’s too cold outside, you simply don’t want to be spending a ton of time on your outfit.  I always just want something warm and comfy so sweaters and jeans are my go-to.  I love that this year there’s been different trends with sweaters, in particular the “cold shoulder” look and lace up sweaters.  I’ve got two looks here with both types, one that is a bit more dressed up and one that is a lot more casual.  I really love sweaters like these because you can wear them so many different ways and still feel a bit put together even if you are just wearing jeans!



I wore this first outfit for work.  Even though it’s cold out the cold shoulder sweater is great for when you are indoors the majority of the time as sometimes it can get super hot when the heat is on.  And all you need is a great warm coat for when you are outside so it’s like a win win so you aren’t constantly battling being too hot or too cold.

I wore this more casual look when my husband, daughter and I took our doggies for a walk around the park.  I obviously didn’t need to look super cute or anything but it’s really not me to be the type to go out in sweats so a sweater, jeans and baseball cap are as casual as I go.  I just love the color of the sweater and the lace up detail really makes it so fun!

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