Chic ways to organize your makeup and declutter your counter

I’m a bit of a product hoarder.  Makeup and skincare is one of my vices and I can admit that I have a bit of a problem.  I also get sent lots of products from companies for review and so my stock pile continues to grow.  I am not complaining as I love trying out new products but I do have a bit of an organization problem.  I love these chic ways to organize your makeup.
Wire baskets to hold your eyeshadow palettes?  Genius!  I love that it looks cute and you can see them easily.

maddie’s beauty spot

I also love this idea of hanging them on the wall so that your counter top doesn’t get so cluttered!

The Clueless Girl


I’m always trying to find good storage for my makeup brushes and I love this adorable DIY idea.  Get these mason jars and paint them up!  Or you can even glitter them like I’ve done before (check out my DIY post here) Of course you can always head over to etsy or Amazon for some pre-painted ones.

Eden’s Once Upon a Time


Another easy way is just to use your cute mugs!  My husband makes fun of me for how much I love mugs with funny sayings 🙂  I just can’t help it!  I love my coffee and I love my mugs.  But I only have so much room in my kitchen for mugs so I like that I can still buy them to store other things.

I actually was thinking wine glasses would be cute storage too.  Of course you don’t want to be too rough on them but it would be super cute to keep your lipglosses or mascara in them.


I’m sure you’ve seen these acrylic makeup holders everywhere.  I have a few of my own.  I bought one of the more high end ones that are larger with a few drawers and made out of a heavy acrylic (like this) which I love but recently I wanted one just to hold my lipsticks and didn’t want to pay a ton.  I bought this one on Amazon and it’s great quality and under $26!  I’m really loving this one that can even hold your beauty blenders.


And lastly, I love this cute idea on storing/displaying your nail polish!  I have my nail polish in a box and I always have to dump it out just to look at all the colors.  I love the nail polish on a cake stand, then you can just find what you need!


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