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Need a stylist? No time to shop? You need this!

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I recently partnered with Stitch Fix on a project and there was no obligation to write this post, but I wanted to share as I had a great experience with them. I thought it might be helpful for anyone that might be looking into using their service.  If you don't know what Stitch Fix is, you can think of them as a stylist that sends you clothes based on your body type and your style (that you let them know based on an extensive questionnaire)  I love that you can choose how often you receive their boxes so you don't end up either finding that you have too many clothes or that you don't have enough.  I was so happy with everything that I got so if you've thought about it or even have never heard of it, keep reading for why I love it so much!  Everything I'm wearing in this post (besides shoes) was from my Stitch Fix! 

1. They take your size in consideration to every piece, from the tops, to jackets to pants
I've done another box type company like this before and I didn't love it as I found that the sizing was all over the place and they rarely offered something smaller than a size Small.  I'm not super tiny but I generally am a size XS in most items and with pants I always need to get them hemmed so I just didn't find that these services were catered for body types like mine.  Everything that I got in my other box services were usually too big and needed to be hemmed.  That is until I got my Stitch Fix items and was so shocked to see how well everything fit.  All the jeans and pants they sent me were either cropped or petite sizing and I didn't have to hem anything.  Do you know how happy that makes me to get pants that I don't have to wait another two weeks for my tailor to hem and get back to me?  I LOVE them and the jeans are really great quality and fit well.

Stitch Fix reviews - iamstyle-ish.com

Stitch Fix reviews - iamstyle-ish.com

Stitch Fix reviews - iamstyle-ish.com

Sign up for Stitch Fix here!

2. Each item is easily styled and can mix and match with the other items in your box and in your closet. 
What I really liked is that they included a card that showed the items that were included and then suggestions as to how to wear them.  I also loved that so many of the pieces I could mix and match or they perfectly paired with everything I already owned!  Since I received these items, I've been wearing the white tassel top, the jean jacket and the ivory sweater with so many other items that I already own.
Stitch Fix reviews - iamstyle-ish.com
Stitch Fix reviews - iamstyle-ish.com
Stitch Fix reviews - iamstyle-ish.com

3. Prices are so reasonable.
Not to say that this was inexpensive but I felt like the price for everything was comparable to the quality and what I would pay for it, if I had found it at Nordstrom.  Many of the brands that I got I had heard of already like Joie and Yumi Kim.  Nothing was super expensive, most things were under $100.  I love though, that if you purchase everything in your box (you get 5 items per box) you save 25% off everything.  It's such a good deal!
Stitch Fix reviews - iamstyle-ish.comStitch Fix reviews - iamstyle-ish.com

4. Styles are not ones that you can find in stores.  
Of course you can probably some same and similar styles but a lot of the ones that I got in my box were exclusive to Stitch Fix (both jeans that I'm wearing here were exclusive) which I thought was so neat! It's awesome getting exclusive items that you can't get anywhere else. 
Stitch Fix reviews - iamstyle-ish.com
Stitch Fix reviews - iamstyle-ish.com

5. Getting a box full of clothes waiting for you on your doorstep is like Christmas!
No I know, it's a silly reason but these crazy days of being a mom, small business owner, cleaning my house, paying the bills, etc... life gets so hectic all the time and coming home to a package full of clothes just for me makes me SO happy.  I love the surprise and looking through each item and trying them on and just having that time for myself which I know I wouldn't have made because I simply don't have time to drive to the mall and go shopping all the time.
Stitch Fix reviews - iamstyle-ish.comStitch Fix reviews - iamstyle-ish.com

One question I had and I think a lot of people have is where does stitch fix get their clothes?  I personally wasn't sure if it would be brand name clothes or not but as far as I can tell, it's a mix of bigger and smaller brands.  Some of the brands that I received were:

I love that they have a range of sizes, they just started carrying plus sizes and they also do maternity! Sign up HERE to get your first fix.  I'm sure you will love it! 

Sign up for Stitch Fix here!

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