My favorite tops and jeans on sale + Marc Fisher Wedges Look for Less!

I raved about these shoes so much.  (See my posts HERE and HERE) but guess what?  I ended up finding the exact pair of shoes for $100 LESS!  They are only $60 and they are amazing!  Get them HERE in two colors.


The top pair are the more affordable version but honestly, in person they look so similar to the Marc Fisher ones.  If they weren’t right next to each other you wouldn’t even know the difference.  The jute on the wedges is almost exactly the same.  They both are really comfy on.  The one thing that I actually liked better about the more affordable version is that the toe box has the leather lining which makes it a bit more comfortable.  It’s not a huge difference but something that I did notice.  I highly recommend them especially if you are like me and already have one pair and are thinking about getting a 2nd pair.  You should definitely grab these and save $100 from the original price!

As I was shopping for those wedges I also found THESE and THESE wedges that I absolutely love!  Sometimes it takes a bit to browse on Amazon for certain items but I do end up finding some good gems at great prices.  Also, returns are so easy which I appreciate so I do sometimes over order on things but I just can’t help it with the two day shipping and free returns, it just makes my life so much easier!

On the note of finding good deals, Shopbop is running an amazing sale for 20% off all orders under $500 and 25% off all orders over $500!

I just got this top at Nordstrom and it’s super darling.  I spotted it on Shopbop too so had to tell you to grab it now for 20% off because it’s not on sale anywhere else!  It’s only available in blue there but it’s still so cute.

My favorite jeans these days are Frame.  You’ve seen these on me a ton, I wear them so much I have them in both black and white.



I also have these jeans that are a little less distressed and they are one of the most comfiest pair of jeans that I own.

If you are looking for some lighter and seriously distressed denim, I love mine by Blank denim.  They are under $90 and with the 20% off it’s a great price for good quality jeans!

And here’s a few items that I bought and/or stalked.  I’m just so excited for spring and some sunny weather so I had to stock up on these cute tops!

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