Victoria Beckham for Target Review and Try On Haul

I went to Target early on Saturday so I could shop the Victoria Beckham collection.  I was so excited for this collab as I’ve always LOVED her amazing dresses but would never ever be able to buy them.  I love that so many of the styles for this collab resembled her high end line.

Here’s my top 3 picks that I bought but I did end up buying a few more pieces AND ordering more online.  I also bought a bunch for my daughter and she was so excited to see that she could be twinsies with mommy!

Victoria Beckham for Target - petite fashion review -


My last check most of these pieces were still available online so try to get them soon or check your local stores as I’m sure lots of people are doing returns now since you only have 14 days to return these items.  Also unless noted, I’m wearing the size XS and the pieces run true to size.

So I think I was most excited about the scallop dress just because it was pretty much the same style as this one from her original line.

I think the quality of these pieces are really great for the price.  This dress is a nice heavy weight knit that lays really nice.  It hits me right above the knees which is a great length for me.  The kid’s version comes in a blush pink which I think is so much cuter but really I didn’t mind the orange.  I don’t own a lot of this color so I felt like it was a good addition to my closet.  
The gingham top was unexpectedly one of my favorite pieces!  I think I’m used to the smaller peplum hems but I love how this is a longer hem.  I love how it “bubbles” out a bit more and makes it more girly and fun.  
The rabbit collar dress is super cute on.  I love that it’s just a simple and pretty dress but with fun details like the collar and the rabbit.  This one comes in girl’s sizing too!


I kind of wonder why she chose orange to be such a big focus of her line.  It is a pretty shade of orange but a bit unusual right?  Anyway, I love this one shoulder bow dress but I found that it ran a bit bigger than the rest of her items.  


I love this fuschia and I really wanted to try on the pants but they didn’t have my size and I didn’t end up ordering them as I think they would just be too long on me.  This dress is gorgeous and I love the hem.  The only thing I didn’t really love is the slight cap sleeve.  I mean, it’s not even really a sleeve but it’s also not really like a tank/shift dress.  I don’t know why but I just didn’t love the curve of the sleeve so I didn’t end up buying this one.  I didn’t try on the drop waist dress but I did order it so hoping that it will be cute on!
This dress is the same style as the scallop one above just with the print.  I adore it but I thought the print made it look a bit child like – which I was surprised that they didn’t do a version for girl’s/toddler’s.  
This bomber and the matching shorts are so cute!  I love the color and the feel of the fabric.  They didn’t have my size but they did have this in kid’s XL which is what I’m wearing here.  It fits great and maybe a little shorter than the women’s XS but I think it’s still very cute on. There are so many cute pieces for kid’s so if you are my size, look out for the kid’s XL, you can probably get some cute stuff if you weren’t able to get it in the women’s sizing!
I shopped a lot of the Missoni pieces (well as much as I could) and I loved that collab but I kind of think I love this one more! The pieces are a lot more wearable and great quality.  I’m still waiting on my online order so if I end up loving anything else, I’ll come back and update this post!

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    April 13, 2017 at 1:30 pm

    It all looks darling on you! The bunny collared dress is still available in all sizes in my store, which surprised me. I really loved the English floral print and gingham top. I can hardly wait for my online order to arrive this week. Here's a look at my Victoria Beckham for Target review, where I played dress-up with my friend and her daughter.