3 Shapewear Essentials for Petite Women

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I’ve always been a fan of shapewear.  I mean how could you not when you can wear something that will make you look slimmer and hides your lumps and rolls?  But I didn’t realize just how many types of shapewear there was until after I had my daughter and I was a bit more self conscious about my new post pregnancy body. Kohl’s has an amazing selection of shapewear and I wanted to share my three essential shapewear pieces that every woman should have in their closet.

My first is my favorite only because I get the most use out of it.  Anytime I’m wearing a slim fitting shirt, I always wear a shaping tank underneath.  These tanks aren’t super constricting so it doesn’t slim you down a lot but it does create a nice smooth line so that your tops look smooth throughout.  It doesn’t matter how thin I am, when I wear jeans and a slim fitting tee or top, inevitebly my jeans push on my sides and I have these love handle ‘pooches’ that aren’t so cute. Wearing one of these keeps everything smooth.  This one is great because you can wear it two ways as a v-neck or scoopneck so it can be worn with all your tops.  As you can see below, it’s perfect to layer under a knit sweater like this that tends to hug the body a bit tighter and there’s no pattern or print to distract away from it.

3 shapewear essentials for petite women

Maidenform Shapewear Tank

The waist cincher is AMAZING for dresses.  I love wearing this under any of my fancier dresses where I want to keep my tummy in check and know that it will be comfortable to wear for the night.  This is definitely a bit more constricting and you don’t want to eat a huge dinner when you are wearing it but for events where I’m going to support a cause and mainly just have nibbles and drinks, it’s perfect for that occasion.  It’s great for a dress like I’m wearing below because the dress won’t show the texture of the waist cincher underneath (unlike a more smoother/bodycon kind of dress) so it stays hidden.

3 shapewear essentials for petite women

Assets by Spanx Waist Cincher

The shaping brief is something that I’m just trying out but I’m finding that it is so great to wear underneath slim trouser or low rise jeans!  Of course you’ll want to wear a longer top so that you won’t be able to see the briefs.  I either wear this with tops that I can tuck into my pants and it helps keep the whole stomach area smooth with no lumps or bumps!  It’s also great for tops like I’m wearing below where it’s a thinner lightweight quality and picks up on your body shape when you move.  You know how sometimes you look fine standing still but then as you move, the top kind of clings to your midsection?  Yeah, I think we all don’t love that.  So this is a great garment to wear underneath and it keeps everything looking smooth even when you are moving around.
3 shapewear essentials for petite women
Naomi & Nicole Shaping Brief

I hope you found this helpful!  I don’t wear shapewear because I want to appear thinner than I really am.  I work out and eat healthy to maintain my weight and of course I fall off the bandwagon from time to time but no matter where I am in my fitness journey, having the right clothes and undergarments are essential.  For me, it’s just about how I feel when I wear the right shapewear.  I don’t have to constantly be struggling with my clothes, pulling my shirt in the right place, trying to hide my pooch, etc…  I just end up feeling more comfortable knowing that I have the right undergarments in place so I can spend less time thinking about how I look and just enjoy the outfit as is.

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