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I love finding and trying out beauty products.  As a beauty blogger, I am lucky to try out new products all the time, but on occasion I get to try something out that is so different than any other products and that I find to be so useful that I can’t wait to write about it and tell you all! The Color-n-Lift Thickening Fibers from TRUHAIR by Chelsea Scott is a game changer!

Makeup for your hair - cover your grays and roots

It’s basically a powder that you can put in your hair and it helps to covers grays and it also has thickening fibers to make your hair appear fuller and thicker.  I love that it matches your hair color which makes it so easy to blend! They have 5 different colors you can choose from.  The brush applicator is so easy to apply to your hair and the size is great because you can keep it in your bag for touch ups!

Makeup for your hair - cover your grays and roots
It’s great not just for covering grays, but if you have dyed your hair and your roots are growing out, this is the perfect product to use to help extend the color in between your dyes.  It works great as a dry shampoo and give your roots a bit more lift and volume. I keep it in my bag on those days where my hair is feeling so flat and not cute.  Just put it at the roots and my hair gets a little more life to it!

I also got the Color & Lift To Go which is like call a “hair liner” which I think is a great way to describe it!  It’s about the size as a mascara and has the same powder as the Color-n-Lift but it’s got a sponge applicator that perfect for touching up small areas.  I’ve been into smaller bags lately so I need to be able to carry products that can fit in and not take too much room.  It’s the perfect size for on the go touch ups!
TRUHAIR - cover your grays - makeup for your hair

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