Mother’s Day Hair Makeover!

I recently got my hair cut at Gene Juarez and I love my hair and the whole salon experience there.  I’m not revealing my new hair yet as today’s post is about my mom!  I treated my mom for mother’s day to a cut and hair treatment. She just got it done and looks so cute, I had to show it off!

We both went in for the Kerastase Rejuvenation Conditioning Treatment which basically brings life back to your hair.  My mom has had years of dying her hair so it’s a bit more weak and brittle and I felt like it would be great for her hair.  She really enjoyed the treatment and since I did it myself as well, I highly recommend it!

They have a few other conditioning treatments that you can add on to your service, I would love to try the “Shine” for my next visit.  See all the different treatments you can do HERE.
And here’s my mom’s before and after!  Doesn’t she look so cute with her new hair?  I love that she didn’t cut off too much but the layers and volume really go well with her face.
My mom is the cutest, she loves social media, especially snapchat and always sends me the cutest snaps.  When she watches my daughter, they post the funniest snapchats!  Anyway, here’s a cute snap she sent me later on.  I just love the layers in the front.  Her hair looks so good!
I love buying my mom gifts for mother’s day and I really enjoyed gifting her this, not only for the hair cut but the salon experience.  They treated my mom so well and the stylist recommended some great products that would work well for her hair.  She was so happy with her whole experience which makes me happy.

Look how cute my mom is!  I just love spending time with her and my daughter just adores her grandma.

If you’d like to treat your mom, now is an awesome time to get a gift card for your mom as they are offering a bonus (that you can use for yourself!)  Buy a $150 gift card and get a $15 bonus.  Buy a $300 gift card and get a $40 bonus.  It goes all the way up to a $1,000 giftcard and you’ll get a $165 bonus!  Such a great way to treat yourself and your mom!  You can buy the gift card HERE or head over to your nearest salon!

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