Where to find the best ice cream in New York City (Plus a Map)

Where to find the best ice cream in New York City (including a map!)

Ice cream is one of my favorite treats to begin with anyways, but when I travel I obsess over finding the perfect scoop. In my experience, every city prides itself on using local ingredients and/or additions in their best ice cream shops. And with all the dairy farming in upstate New York, it’s no wonder that New York City has some of the creme de la creme when it comes to local flavor.

Having visited New York City for more than a few summers, I’ve rounded up my favorite spots around town and inputted them into a handy Google map for the next time you make your way out to the big apple.

I CE NY – A more novel twist on the already-novel Thai-style roll-up ice cream trend. This place tops with cute Asian cookies and other treats that aren’t offered at the more traditional spots.

Blue Marble Ice Cream – A Brooklyn classic with a smooth base and classic flavors for when you’re feeling a little old-fashioned.

Taiyaki NYC – New up on the ice cream trend list is this taiyaki and soft-serve fusion spot. The taiyaki are filled with red bean or custard and the ice cream comes in a variety of Western and Eastern flavors like strawberry or sesame.

Davey’s Ice Cream – The place to go for built ice cream treats like a classic banana split, ice cream cakes and sundaes. Their seasonal specials are also fun to check out for more experimental flavors.

il laboratorio del gelato – Warning: indecisive people may spend an hour here trying to figure out which of the dozens of interesting flavors to pick. Selection changes daily (and throughout the day), so stop by when you’re feeling spontaneous.

10Below Ice Cream – In my opinion, the best (and original) of the Thai-style roll up ice cream shops. Their custard base is the smoothest and their toppings are the freshest.

Have you been to any of these shops? What do you look for in your perfect scoop?

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